The Cross-Movement Fundraising Collaboration between the International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma (Inroads) and Women Spaces Africa (WSA) aims at Dismantling Ableism While Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR).

The collaboration aims to address how cross-movement engagement can foster collective action to dismantle ableism in funding spaces, amplifying abortion and disability justice work to promote more intersectional and inclusive practices. Less than 10% of the total share of human rights funding is resourcing SRHR efforts across the world, and an even smaller fraction of that funding especially when involving disability rights - supports abortion rights efforts, due
to the abortion stigma that is produced and reproduced pervasively across the philanthropic and development sector.

Abortion stigma shows up in philanthropy in many ways like the minimal amount of funding allocated to abortion efforts, the way in which human rights, reproductive health, and gender equality are often separated from abortion access and care, or how the word “abortion” often seems to shut doors and minds.

Through a deep understanding of the critical need to mobilize resources that bust abortion stigma and ensure access to abortion services and care through a rooting in disability justice, inroads and WSA have joined efforts to strategically advocate for funding to support in implementing such projects.


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